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Moving across!!! 

March 30, 2016

I have decided, given the imminent arrival of our first child, the imminent completion of the building work on the house, and basically the time required to keep two blogs up to date…… Which for me at the moment is non existent, to amalgamate both my blogs now, sooooooo elliefantsdelights will no longer be active posting and is effectively moving!!! 

All posts knitting, pattern, building, smallholding, baby, gardening, food etc related will now be over at the TyddynBryn blog!!!! 

Hope to see you all over there!!! 

A Few other knits….

August 30, 2015

Here are a few other bits and bobs which I have knitted up recently….. and not gotten around to posting…..


A Baby Hat for the stall….


Another Hat for the stall… an adult one this time…

and….. some welly boot toppers for me!!! Knit in some Colinette Jitterbug I had a part skein of… to hide the fat leg bits of my wellies!!!


A shop update!!!

August 29, 2015

I have been busy the past two days, skeining and photographing and uploading some yarns for a shop update….

It was a massive update!!!!!!

Here is a peek at the yarns uploaded…..

All the Yarns are available on the Tyddyn Bryn Esty Store

More Socks

August 28, 2015

Towards the end of the summer term all I had in me was plain Sock knitting….. I was tired….

So I dug through my stash and found a yarn I bought at Unravel, maybe last year….. eep!!!

Anyway another pair of socks is knit!!


Some super colourful socks for ME!!!!!

August 27, 2015

Again its been ages since I posted here!!! I have been at the smallholding in West Wales for most of the Summer holidays sans the Interwebs and ……

Months ago at Wonderwool I bought this fabulous yarn from Easyknits!!!

I finished them months ago now but have finally had five minutes to post them!!!


Noah’s ark zoo farm!!!!!

July 6, 2015

i went on a little day trip this week and had the privilege of seeing these beauties!!!!! 


Definitely my little piece of heaven this week!!!!! 

Not much time for knitting recently!

June 5, 2015

With everything going on at Tyddyn Bryn and school work and my Forest School course knitting time has been severely limited recently and I am ashamed to say I am still knitting on the first skein of wonderwool yarn to make me a pair of socks!!!! 

I have now passed my practical assessment for Forest School and Inge should be slowing down of an evening now that has passed and once reports have been written so knitting time will soon be restored!!!! Hurrah and maybe even a smidge of spinning time….. Dyeing time…… Sewing time…… Ahhhh the list is endless!!!! Roll on the school holidays!!!

Another fantastic Wonderwool!!!

April 28, 2015

Last Saturday Jen, mum and wended our way to Builth Wells for another Wonderwool!! I even managed a few pictures this time!!!



Soooo much pretty yarn and fluff!!!

I was on a limited budget this year due to the house build, but I managed to get some fluff from John Arbon and Sara’s and some lovely sock yarns from Easyknits!!! 

One of which I have already cast on!!!!


Excuse the crappy dark photo!!!! Will have to take a proper shot in daylight!!

I haven’t totally disappeared…..

March 1, 2015

…..from this site…..

We have been mega busy over at Tyddyn Bryn….. 

So I am still knitting my sweater I started ages ago…. And my second welly boot topper….

I have yet to dye any more yarns….. Easter is looking good though more a big dyeing session….

I haven’t touched the wheel of spinning in an age….. Boo hiss……

Anyway…. Visit us over at Tyddyn Bryn to see what has been usurping all my craft-possible time slots!!!

Pink and Sparkly!!

February 1, 2015
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A little bit of knitting done recently to stop the pink hair red hat clashes!!! Lol



Such pretty sparkly pinkness!!!