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50 Shades

August 4, 2012

Well EVERYONE has been talking about it…. in school….. on the podcasts….. in the papers….. on the train….. etc

So I decided to see what all the hype is about and read book one…..

then it was soooo compulsive I needed to know what happened next… so I read books 2 and 3….

All in very quick succession for me…..

And well…..

Firstly, apparently according to the Amazon reviews you either love the book or hate it…. I mad somewhere in the middle, a nice wind down into the summer hols! Not too much thought required…..

Then you have…..

It can be seen as a set of books romanticising an abusive relationship….. and thus a wee bit disturbing or it could be seen as a journey to find love/accept love by one who was abused/neglected as a child….

not fantastically written but compelling enough to keep my scatterbrain in motion, if you can get past the repetition…. “Oh My”

So not a rave review but read if your interested in what the hype is about kinda thing!!

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  1. Alyson permalink
    August 4, 2012 12:28 pm

    Agree with the ‘Oh My’ part i thought its was a great read but not so greatly written but repetitive the next book apparently recommended is Bared to you which i have but not started x

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