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A couple of hats and a free pattern!!

January 5, 2014

Mister J lost his hat!!!! Yes the cabled one I made him out of the yarn we bought in Paris!!!! Shock horror!!! Well he decided he needed a new one!!

So in all it’s plain chunky goodness introducing the Mr hat


And not to be outdone and because my luscious handspun yarn came up chunky…. The Mrs hat


So for the pattern….

You will need:
5mm circular needle on a short cable and 5mm dpns
A couple of balls of chunky handspun 100 gms of so…. Or a couple of balls of Sirdar Click Chunky….. ( for the MR if he is likely to lose it!!!)

The pattern:
Cast on 92 st place marker and join to work in the round
1. K2 P2 to end
Repeat row 1 for about 7cm
Change to stocking stitch and knit until the piece measures 17/18 cms for him, I did mine about 20cm plus as I have long hair that is often tied up and I like a slouchy hat to cover my ears for walking the puppy!

Crown shaping:
1. K1 *K2 tog K5* rep * to * to last 3 sts K3
2 and every even numbered row knit to end
3. K1 *K2 tog K4* rep * to * to last stitch K1
5. K1 *K2 tog K3* rep * to * to last stitch K1
7. K1 *K2 tog K2* rep * to * to end
9. K1 *K2 tog K1* rep * to * to end
11. K1 K2tog to end
13. As row 11
Break yarn, thread through the stitches left on the needle and draw up and bind of securely !!

Happy knitting!!!

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