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Ally Pally 2013

October 23, 2013

Last week oh no wait…. A week and a half ago!!!! Where did that time go???? I went with Jennieworld and Mum to Ally Pally having spent the day on Saturday at Abergavenny market… Driven Jen and I to mum and dads Saturday night and gotten up early Sunday to train it up to London….. What a busy weekend!!!

Ally Pally was amazing as always and busier on the Sunday than the last Sunday one I went to 2 years ago!!! Crazy scary busy!!!! So busy in fact that someone felt the need to push me along one of the aisles there mmmmmmm……… I hasten to add I hadn’t stopped and was in fact following Jen and mum along as quickly as the crowds would let me but this person still felt the need to shove me along!!!! Grrrrr….. People!!!!!!

Anyway I managed just a few photos, as getting camera out of bag became a chore once I was laden with purchasements!!! (They’ll follow in a later post once I photograph them!!






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