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September 14, 2013

2 litres of full cream milk
The juice of one and a half Lemons
Salt to taste
Herbs of choice!

1. Put milk into stainless steel pot and heat over medium until between 190 and 200 degrees. I used my jam making thermometer.

2. Slowly stir in the lemon juice. Remove from heat and allow to curdle and cool until it’s not too hot to touch.

3. Pour cheese into cloth lined bowl or in my case a spare jelly bag!! Pull together the 4 corners of cloth and twist around a spoon. Hang dripping cheese for a few hours.


4. Salt to taste and check consistency.

5. Untie, (add any garlic or herbs or more salt, we added chives, sea salt and garlic to mix in and then rolled more chives round the outside to make it more roule like!! ) place in airtight container, and chill. Depending on how long you hung it, it should be about 12-16 oz of cheese.



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