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Garden produce so far!!!

August 29, 2013

So I have been a bit less active about garden blogging recently but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been out there!!! Well I have been to there and out in Mrs O’s garden clearing brambles and out in Jen’s garden moving roses and sawing branches….. Anyway back to my garden!

Produce so far… Rasps, tayberries strawberries – none photographed as Mr J ate them as quick as they ripened!
Gooseberries same as above but were made into ice cream first!!
Cherry tomatoes…




Both made into pasta sauce, with onions, garlic and herbs from the garden. Mmmm all jarred up and waiting for spaghetti!!


The biggest I have ever grown!!!



Mr J is also munching through his chilli plant selections produce… Though he may have to start eating more than one a day or I may have to hunt down some chilli sauce recipes! But I am pleased with the story so far and the apples are ripening, the main tomato crop still to ripen (though this better hurry or it’ll be a crap ton of green tomato chutney!) and we have more potato bags to dig up. I have now planted some winter veg in the form of ongoing salad crops and some turnips!! And I am pleased to say the parsnips are coming back to life having been munched by something or other!!

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