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My strong little Poo-bear!!

June 22, 2013

Many of you will know this gorgeous girl as my Ravatar, but this gorgeous old girl is my Polly dog.

She will be 14 years old in August and in October this year it will be 14 years since I rescued the tiny little pup she once was….. She has been glued to my side for 14 years… Following me round the flat then the house, on car journeys to my parents sat in the front seat beside me, sleeping on the foot of my bed or on the rug beside me… She has been my rock through some very trying times…

That’s why yesterday nearly killed me…..

I’ll start from the beginning….
I got up as normal fed the animals, cleaned the trays, puppy pads etc, got myself breakfast then let the animals out the back a second time, before bringing them back in and heading up for a shower. Cue Sookie leaping on the bed to wake Mr J!!! (And when I say leaping on – its more like on off on off under the duvet on off on off etc!!)

Polly in her usual fashion followed more slowly these days and then Mr J went down for his breakfast. I showered and dressed, Mr J came up and did the same. The dogs meandered through the house in their usual fashion in the mornings. I went to put my makeup on and Mr J headed back downstairs to finish readying himself to go to work….

Suddenly he was shouting up the stairs, I came out of the bathroom and started down the stairs not having heard what he said because of the bathroom fan….. Two steps down the stairs there was a trail of blood starting…..

The trail worsened and in the lounge there were two pools of bloods and some blobs…… My heart was pounding by this point….

More blood down the next set of stairs (we live in a town house) more blobs….. Finally I heard Mr J say that Polly’s lump had ruptured….. Polly has had a cancer lump between her legs for about two years now, it’s regularly checked out but it has never bothered of impeded her so given her age I decided to leave well alone….. The vet has always agreed that its not worth the strain of an anaesthetic. In fact she went to the vets Monday this week for a check up and a sort out of her usual little problem….

I got to the kitchen and there we pools of thick blood everywhere and Polly was standing there dripping. I rang the vets…. At five to eight there was no answer (they don’t open till half eight). I rang the emergency number and a lovely lady vet explained carefully that I should wait till my vet was there, but in the meantime I should dampen a tea towel apply it to the wound, wrap a towel round her and apply as much gentle pressure as she’d allow…. This done and phone still in hand I rang work….. I was a crying wretching mess at this point…. My poor asst head!!! Mr J at this point had also rung his work and been racing round the house with kitchen towels and fetching towels for me….

It was now just after eight so we decided to get Polly into the car and quietly drive to the vets down the road and wait. Mr J carefully and gently lifted Polly into the car surrounded by mats and towels I got into the back to comfort her and keep the pressure on the wound and Mr J drove us to the vets… Who weren’t yet open…. When the door opened Mr J was through it quizzing the receptionist…. The vet had not yet arrived but would be any minute in a black car and she suggested accosting him in the car park which we duly did….

We were then taken straight in for Polly to be examined….. Rupture…. Bad… Options…. Operation…. X-ray…. Testing….. Sedation etc….. Vet gloved up and poked the lump about and at one point got his fingers right on up inside…. (Again not sure how I had not been sick)

We made the decision for lump removal, no X-rays (I know she has cancer I know there are a lot of lumps… But this is the only external one and basically had gotten so big and the skin so thin it couldn’t be contained any longer) no testing (no point)

The vet decided to sedate Polly and give her pain relief until op time and Mr J and I had to leave her in the vet surgery at that point and come home…..

At home we came back to something that resembled the Somme, blood everywhere on carpets, Lino, walls, cats, puppy…. And one distressed pup who had in the space of five minutes been left the run of the house, barring her usual kitchen, that was covered in blood and her adopted mummy dog plus Mr J and I had all left her….

Poor Sookie was a little lost soul all day…. Mr J and I mopped down the kitchen and the patio then sat quietly with a mug of tea before tackling the rest of the house….. For three hours we scrubbed and washed the carpets…. And most bits probably still need another going over….. Beige carpets and blood don’t mix….

He then went to mow the lawn and rack wines etc while I proceeded to do a house mega clean ( I’ve been moderating assessing levelling and writing reports for about a month now so the house looked like a bomb had gone off anyway without the blood…. That just made it more authentic…..

So we cleaned mowed and waited…… Both anxious…. Both listless…. Both needing to keep busy…. I would have been no use in work as every few minutes my evil brain would throw up a what if…. What if she doesn’t come home?? What if the anaesthetic is too much for her??? Bad evil brain…..

Anyway about 2pm the call came, Polly had survived the operation, was doing well and in recovery
I felt myself starting to exhale, like I had been holding my breath since the morning discovery….
We could pick her up at 5:20…. My poor Polly-dog, poo-bear, at the age of nearly 14 had survived anaesthetic and they didn’t need to keep her overnight….. Partial relief….. (I could relax till I’d seen her)

I kept cleaning and Mr J mucked in too….

At 4pm we decided it would be a good plan to walk small pooch to damp down her super energy!! Before the invalid returned home….

Time crept forward till five when we decided it was time to head over to the vets….

We went in and then into the nurses room…. And the nurse lead a cone headed Polly through the door…. Cones have a long history of distressing Polly so the nurse never made it through the door until I got down onto the floor and Polly could see me… She waddled through the door with a couple of slow tail wags and flopped to the floor…. (Apparently she had been wandering round the recovery rooms eating drinking etc…. Drama just for me then!!!)

Medicine on board and £350 lighter we got Polly into the car and headed home.

On our return the cone was removed sharpish….. She has been a trooper and not bothered licking chewing or anything other than eating a bit drinking a bit and licking her puppy!! Most of all shine has slept…..

I think I finally completely exhaled when the door closed behind us at home and she had a drink and lay down on the mat!!!

Thank goodness yesterday is over…..
She is still sleepy…..
But she has been into the garden and is still not even bothered by her new zip….
Sookie is having extra walks, but she has been quite calm and sweet with Polly, only gently sniffing her op site,
We separated them through the night (Sookie barked at every tiny noise over night and I was up a 3:30 am to check on Polly)
Check up now on Tuesday and stitches out in 10 days….
And a quiet day for us all today…

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