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Busy month of April!!!

April 28, 2013

Well April has flown by and I have not seemed to have found any time at all for blogging between puppy, work, and outings!!!!

So…. To catch up…..

First the BIG news…

Mr J and I got engaged on the first of April!!! Yep he proposed to me on April Fools day!!!!


I have now created a wedding board on Pinterest for all my million and one wedding ideas!!!! Soooooo excited!!!! Hoping now to go and see the potential venue and book next weekend when the parentals are coming down!!

Secondly Sookie has been vaccinated and can now go out for walks….. She does this whilst whining the whole way excitedly and she is also petrified of other dogs, hiding behind me Mr J or Polly whoever is closest at the time of spying said other dogs!!! But we are improving…. Slowly and she has gotten a couple of commands down pat!!!!


As you can see the cats (well one of the cats) are finally coming around to the fact that she is not going anywhere!!! Though they still plot her demise…. Lates thing is to encourage her through the banister rails leading to her getting “stuck” as she spots the drop seconds before plunging down!!!

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  1. April 28, 2013 9:58 pm

    Love this piccie Ellie !! Parker has obviously come round now to persuade the others x

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