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More occupying of a loopy puppy!

March 26, 2013

So after the Kong gunk making I decided to use up some fabric stash and old jeans and make the dog some more chew toys….

Sookie seems to like making giant toy nests in the bed and Polly likes to take them all out again!!!
(Typical small child wanting t sleep with all the toys in the bed-typical parent saying no!!)

So I chalk up some outlines on the leg of an old dead pair of jeans….


And cut them out…

Then I machined in zig zag stitch round most of it before stuffing the toy…


Then I machined still in zig zag stitch like a crazy person round and around the edge of the little bone to make it as indestructible as possible…..(though I am still kind of sure that the needle teeth will prevail in the end) I made two small ones and a larger bone for Polly.



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  1. March 26, 2013 6:28 pm

    what a great idea!
    a hit with our dog was a tennis ball inside an old sock which was tied in knots – she loved it!

    • elliefantsdelights permalink*
      March 26, 2013 7:44 pm

      Thanks will have to try that as soon as she is big enough!! We have a rope with a ball attached and she is dragging that abut at the moment when Polly let’s her or Polly is just dragging her abut attached to said rope/ball!!!

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