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Occupying a loopy puppy!!

March 25, 2013

Just over a week ago Mr J and I got a 9week old springer spaniel that we have named Sookie…. In the first week we have wormed her, given her her first set of injections, seen her grow in confidence and between Sunday and Thursday’s weigh ins gain 300 g!!!!

Polly has adopted her as her own puppy and they have been playing wildly in the house and garden…. Arguing over chewy toys, playing tug of war (a very one sided fight at the mo – poor Sookie!!) pinching each others food etc etc….

Parker has been sort of playing with Sookie, well when I say playing she has been using him as a leap frog device and bouncing over and on him repeatedly which he doesn’t seem to mind!!

Marmalade remains unimpressed and mostly upstairs….

Frodo has learnt that a loud hiss and a whack (with no claws out) across Sookie’s nose soon gets rid of her….. (Not sure how long that will last…

Those of you who are my Facebook friends will have had the chance to see the loopy puppy helping in the garden (not). She enjoys zooming about biting small twigs and leaves off plants, picking up stones from the gravel pits and generally picking up all sorts of random detritus and dropping it at my feet with an attempt at sitting if only the wiggly bum stops moving for a second!!

Anyhow…. Upon a suggestion from my fabulous knitting friend (you know who you are) I bought Sookie and Polly some Kongs….. Never seen em or thought about them before…. But I got the cheapo versions first to check whether they would have the desired effect….


Then said fabulous friend suggested blitzing puppy biscuits and peanut butter and filling up the kong.


So the noise of the food processor sent the puppy under the dog bed well almost as Polly was reclining in the bed herself, blissfully unaware of the noise as she is mostly deaf now at nearly 14!

Then came the fun….
The Kongs went on the floor and slurp slurp squabble swap slurp went the doggies!!! Yay!!!!
Apologies though things moved soooo fast the photos all blurred!!!

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