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Goodbye 2012 Hello 2013!!!

January 3, 2013

Well in keeping with the blogging community here is a round up of my 2012 and a list of things i want to achieve in 2013!!

10 things I’ve loved about 2012…

1. Meeting and moving in with Mr J (has to be top of my list this year!!!!)

2. The birth of my nephew Baby M


3. My niece Z staying for nearly a week on her own!!! (amazing considering she was 120 miles from home for nearly a week aged 4!!)


(hunting for Fairies in Dan Yr Ogof Caves)

4. Visits with family and friends and Mr J to Paris, St Fagans, Dan Yr ogof, Walnut tree Farm, Barry Beach, Wonderwool, Cardiff Museum, Tredegar House, Twmbarlwm, Caerleon, Cardiff and Abergavenny Food festivals, Cefn Onn, etc etc

5. The amazing produce from my garden and local hedgerows despite the hideous weather this last year…

(and the fact I again used most of it to handmake a lot of gifts this year)

6. A lot of knitting….


(Ravelry projects page shows at least 50 new pieces done this year alone and some finished off wips and that does not include a few bits and bobs that did not warrant a project page!!)

7. A lot of good reads…. still on Game of Thrones (its gonna take a while) 3-2-1 Stop, Staying organised, Paris Guides, Living in the Land of Enough, the inevitable 50 shades trilogy,  (I think I stopped blooging about books come the Summer when I was reading a little but was sooooo busy!!! Then james moved in and we have spent every weekend since moving his stuff over the bridge in Wales, cleaning painting and tidying his house for renting)

8.  Working on my house; having a new door put in repainting some bits and building a greenhouse etc in the garden!!

9.  Completely repainting and doing up another house (Mr J’s) and then having it rented out within a fortnight over the Christmas Period no less!!!)

10.  My new toys, Camera, Spinning wheel and now a drum carder!!!! squee!!!!

Last year I wrote:

“In 2012 10 things I would love to do are….

1. Read more and write more (you may find me blogging about more than just the garden and my creative streaks this year…)

2. Travel more (both UK and further afield, visiting friends and family comes into this as well – you have all been warned!!!)

3.  Take more photographs

4. Knit for ME!! (too long have been pressured externally/internally by knitting for others…. my main priority is going to be knitting up the planned projects for ME!! also most of my UFO’s are for me!!)

5. Complete at least 6 things on my Bucket list which I wrote about 3 years ago just for fun and I still  have not done one thing!! (I’m thinking Paris, The Louvre, Eiffel Tower would tick off three in one mini break…. – who wants to come???)

6. Be in Vibrant health!!! (yes I mean VIBRANT…. No more overwrought over worked, tired, extra cold catching abilities for me… and YES this means a lot of teeny little goals, like more sleep, more relaxing me time, 5 a day, exercise – ooo and for that I rather liked this idea…)

7. Continue to grow more, process more and give more….. This is for the garden/wine/preserves making side of things that I really enjoyed in 2011

8. Build an emergency fund (this is getting there) and clear the last of the debts (car payments and a final piece of the credit card puzzle – again I am soooo close) (another inspirational blogger who has helped here)

9. Do one thing for a charity each month (any ideas appreciated – so far I have adoption of an elephant, Race for Life, knit a square, giving blood regularly etc)

10. Gain a work/life balance – as at the moment work is big time winning….. One thing I am doing to halt the work creeping into life time is dropping a market a month meaning I’ll be doing 2 not 3 weekends out of 4/5 a month Hurrah!!!! and I’ll be working smarter (less time messing about with silly things more time focussing!!)

So to sum up my successes with these….

1.  Reading and writing more happened initially but when the doing up the house stuff took over in September the Writing side of things took a nose dive!!! But I’m pleased with what I’ve done!

2.  Travel More! – Yup!!!  Did I say I went to Paris!!!! London twice, Farnham and Aldershot a lot, as well as West Wales and a few other spots!!!

3.  If you missed my Paris Posts check the September tagged posts!!! Yowsers I took a lot of photos this year so many that I think I need to upgrade to a Bigger blog!!!!

4.  Knit for Me! – umm….. started well and have knitted more for me by doing a cardie, hat etc BUT again come the end of the year most of the UFO’s are projects for me…… This will be sorted in the next month or so….. as well as monster knitting….

5.  Complete 6 things on my bucket list….. I adopted an elephant (something I plan to renew this year) I went to Paris, I stood under the Glass pyramid in the Louvre, went to the Eiffel Tower (but went up the Tour Montparnasse) and I fell in love!! 5 out of 6 is blooming brilliant!!!

6. Vibrant health!  Well yes I am a stone lighter than this time last year Woo Hoo!!!! I started running and did so till about July when injuries and time got tight… and other than general snivels I was great till I got the nasty Noro virus thanks to a family do and one small infected cousin!!! I also injured my SI joint running but have a brace to stop that now and I am still having investigations on my wrist to see what the heck is wrong!!

7. Growing and Processing – despite the dismal weather that happened at various key growing points again I am pleased with this years production line!!!

8.  Emergency fund!  Yep, and half way to repaying the car, and the student loans are gone!!!!

9.  Giving to Charity each month – I managed 8 out of 12 months I think and gave pattern sales donations to SANDS, adopted an elephant, knitted for age concern, knitted for SANDS Bath, Knitted some preemie hats etc etc

10.  mmmm work life balance appears to be something to be constantly strived for…..We had a new head in school in September….. and with the house rennovation over the bridge I lost a lot of time for crafty goodness, blogging and reading etc but now thats rented out and work will hopefully settle a bit…. phew and relax!!

SO….. 2013 and 10 things I want to achieve!

I will be recycling a few of last years as I still want them to be achievements in the coming year!

1. More reading and Writing

2. Travel More.

3. Pay off the Car and start saving for a farm.

4. Knit and crochet more.

5. Complete 3 things from my Bucket list

6.  Do something for Charity each month

7.  Grow and process more than last year

8. Be in Vibrant Health (again more little goals hopefully leading to another stone off and better fitness)

9. Redesign my stall and produce for said stall/ sort out and update my online shops.

10.  Work/Life balance!


So here’s to wonderful 2013!!!!

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  1. January 5, 2013 10:41 pm

    Very impressed my lovely – keep up the good work, very motivating! XX

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