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A crafty update for September and October so far!

October 23, 2012


I made a Spectra…. for Mum…. For her 60th….. and it started great then i got soooooo over the wedges!!!! but hurrah finally finished it and just in time!!!

As modelled by my mum!!

I then made Mr J a hat… This is the Wooly Wormhead wide ribbed hat…

Then belatedly as Mr J neglected to tell me of his mothers impending birthday (I found out when she rang the house on her birthday and he was still at work!!!) I made his mum a cowl for when she is taking the dog for a walk…. It is made from my handspun hand dyed bfl silk mix…..

I am now working on finishing off a purple top for me… a colour affection number one of 2 I plan to make for Xmas gifts, a hat for me, some baby gifts…. ummmmm and two yes two pairs of socks….. not sure how that happened… but I have the Farmer Mcgregor socks and a pair of Hermione’s Everyday socks on the needles.

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