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Where have I been!!!???!!!

October 21, 2012

Wow Its been a busy couple of months since starting the school term……

Mr J has moved in!!!!! Yay!!!

And we have been sorting through his house and garden in Bristol for one day a week….. He is an immense squirrel and has 7 years of house lived in stuff to go through and also to clean!!

I subsequently seem to have been reading a LOT of books about organisation and simplicity to gain inspiration on how to curb and organise the STUFF that is piling up fast in the garage and around the house!!

I have had my first overseas yarn dyeing commission!

I have done markets in Roath and Abergavenny as per normal and I went to the Abergavenny food festival again this year and bought a large amount of nommy things….

I have put a roof on the dolls house (but more on that next week when I get chance to take piccies…)

I have been knitting  and knitting and knitting….. But more on that in a later post….

I have made a tonne of jam, chutney and pickles to finish the garden harvest and as I type the house is filling with the smell of garlic as Mr J is pickling a massive haul dug out of his garden yesterday!

I have planted some winter veg…. Garlic, Onions, Broccoli, Broad Beans, and some late lettuce

We are still waiting for the first frosts for the parsnips…

My mother has had her 60th birthday and her party….

I have started some more nectarine wine….

Mr J is making Ginger Beer….
We have both been working all sorts of hours… Mr J ended up working from 6:30am through the night and returning the following morning….

I have been out to a Vegetarian/Vegan commune and swapped some home produce for about 14 fleeces…. but more on that when I get chance to take/process some pics!!!

so all in all a very busy couple of months!!

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