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Home and garden produce and projects!

September 26, 2012

We have been back in school now for a few weeks, and OH has moved in so I have been cleaning and clearing his house over the channel each weekend for one day and then organising and sorting my home and stuff to accomodate his stuff and furnishings! so in order to combat the post clutter on the kitchen table/radiator/down the back of the radiator I bought a plain old ikea file unit and then decorated it!!

as you can see its already in use!!!

We have also had the produce from two garden to process….. the lastest was the tomatoes…..

On Friday last week I processed 6.5lbs of green tomatoes into chutney


This was upsized and slightly altered from a recipe that called for 4lbs green tomatoes, 1lb cooking apples, 1lb of onions, 1 pint of vinegar, pickling spice and 1lb of sugar!  We also added chillies for an added kick!!

We also processed about 3lbs of our ripened tomatoes….

into tomato sauce….

we left the rest to ripen….

we also processed or garlanded some chillies….


Recently we have also made some raspberry vinegar (though I am not sure what I am going to use it for….)

and started off some Sloe gin….

A lovely friend also gave me some apples this week… which I have yet to process… but I feel lucky to have as there are not many about this year it seems (I had the grand total of three on my 2 treelets this year!)

Also this week I had a fabulous parcel arrive from Denise from the Knittingden podcast!!!! I won some yarn for entering some of my finished objects into her prize draw!!!!!! Yay!!! Its my first ever Zauberball!!!!! and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooo and might be knit up into some socks for Dad hopefully in time for the Knitabulls self striping sock KAL!

AND!!!! whilst I was chutneying on Friday evening after school I decided to catch up on some podcasts including the Lovely KnitSpinFarm with Johanna!!! and I won a prize in her local eating along!!!!! Yay!! It was a prize of giftable pattern of $6 or less and I chose the Fab Strider Cowl by Susan Pandorf!!!! Squee can’t wait to knit it up!!!!!! Maybe a Christmas knit for someone!!

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