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A March through June update!!

June 30, 2012

Well finally after what seems an age I seem to be doing an update on my new years resolutions!! Which I still seem to be managing at least some of the time!!!

1. Read more and write more

Well I am blogging intermittently due to work and life commitments, though this may change with the iPad’s capabilities now! And for the last few months I have been ploughing through the Seven Ages of Paris, which is a non fiction book for a start and a wonderful historical view of Paris and I now want to go!!!!!! I have to admit though that I took a break from that to read more on the iPad via the kindle and have started the Game of thrones series (Song of Fire and Ice being the first! – LOVE IT!!!) and I am repeatedly being told that I MUST read this 50 Shades of Grey……

2. Travel more….

These past few months much of my travelling about has been to see friends and family mainly due to the fact my new nephew was born in April!

And I have caught up with old school friends in a lovely pub in Compton just outside Guildford! But…… I have been to a couple of new places including Olympia, Cefn Onn, the great walk over to see the Olympic Torch Relay (not technically a new place as I work round the corner, but still a new experience!!  I have also visited a couple of old haunts including Wonderwool!! and Tredegar House…..

3. Take more photographs – yup check!!! AND I have done all this with the help of my fabulous new toy!

One of my faves this month!

Jelliebean Yarns at Calon Yarns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Knit for ME!!

mmmmmmmmm………. well toe up two at a time socks turned out huge and have decided to make them long enough for a friend…… I’ve made Monsters, socks, baby things, shawls, all for other people…… BUT I have made a bathroom caddy set, a bathroom hopper top and a hoodie cardie for me though it is a tad large!!! though I have cast on a honey cardigan for me…..

5. Complete at least 6 things on my Bucket list

Some more new things learnt and tried these past few months…..  Spinning on my new wheel and producing handspun like a crazy lady now….. Soap…… Body scrubs…… Needlefelting……  I guess I can put the building work and garage revamp in here too….. ooo and I repainted my old school trunk!!

6. Be in Vibrant health!!!

Still Running!!!! at least twice a week!!!! and now nearly two stone down!!!!!!! I also have thus far avoided the class bugs and germs though I have probably now jinxed myself by writing that!!!

7. Continue to grow more, process more and give more…..

Garden going great guns sorted the swamp, new veg bed, new greenhouse and of lots growing, albeit slower than last year!!!  I have made my first batch of strawberry jam, started two demijohns of elderflower wine, one of nectarine wine and one of satsuma and cranberry wine… as well as starting some cherry brandy and some blackberry whisky!!!!

8.  Well number 8 got done so……

9. Do one thing for a charity each month

mmmmm started bits of blankets for Battersea….. but will have a bit of a blast on this in the summer as I have been sooooo work/life busy recently…..

10. Gain a work/life balance ….

Good to be back at markets and I made the right choice reducing it to 2 a month not 3!!!  I have been scary busy, but that has not all been work based!!! Lots of trips to Bristol recently!!!!  Also Work has been rather busy being that its is moderating season, reports and IEP season and just generally busy season!!! I also by default have managed to stop a LOT of extraeneous busy stuff by not accessing the laptop on a daily basis…… Ipad has helped here and has allowed me to catch up on podcasts, read more books, not print patterns…… etc etc etc Yay!!! Now just need to kick the Bejeweled Blitz addiction!!!

So all in all pleased!!!!

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  1. Helen permalink
    July 9, 2012 9:54 pm

    “two demijohns of elderflower wine, one of nectarine wine and one of satsuma and cranberry wine… as well as starting some cherry brandy and some blackberry whisky!!!!”

    Awesome, when’s the party then Els?!

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