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Wonderwool 2012

May 2, 2012

Here is a small gallery of my day at Wonderwool last weekend!!

(Apologies to the lady bent down rooting through a basket in one of the shots!!)

Soooo….. This year…..

I loved:

  • All the amazing fibre
  • Bigwigs angora
  • the fabulous little yarn bowls from Willo Alpaca
  • all the colour
  • Bulldog Krafts cotton (my ONLY YARN purchase!!)
  • and did I mention all the fibre!!!

This Year I bought:

  •  three batts of tricolour fluff – 1 norwegian, 1 masham, 1 jacobs
  • a plait of BEAUTIFUL fibre from Hilltop Cloud
  • 2 skeins of cotton and  a shawl pattern from Bulldog Krafts
  • a packet of big wigs angora fluff
  • 2 bags of british wool tops in varied colours
  • 1 bag of a grey/brown norwegian fluff
  • a set of DPN tamers!!
  • a bag of BFL fluff
  • a bag of Exeter BFL fluff

Phew!!!!! I think I’ll be spinning a while!!! Yay!!!


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