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The first of many Projects!

April 14, 2012

Project Uno!!! Gravel pits in the garden or the taking out of one deep one and making it into two shallow ones!

So I dug out as much gravel as I could from one pit…..

Ooooo look at all the water…… Hence the reason for the change…. it was dug to alleviate some fo the waterlogging in the garden but as it did not go anywhere it ended up as a sink hole collecting ALL the water…… grrrrr plan B!!!

Then I marked out some borders with string and dug everything else out brick depth…..

Naughty Kitty came to see…..

I edged the areas with a line of bricks which will bed in over time….

Lined the areas with weed proof matting…..

and refilled the areas with Gravel…..

Then I put a load of my pots on the triangle shaped area and I have other plans for the square area…. Ooo how very playschool…..

I also rearranged the patio in preparation for another job in the offing!!

Oh and did the delectable job of digging out the compost heap to get all the good compost out…. UGH!!! but I did get loads of fab compost for more of my little projects……



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