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A VERY belated February update!

March 20, 2012

Ok so I have neglected blogging for the last couple of weeks, but that is because I have been seriously busy out in the world and doing and also I injured my lower back running around on the uneven streets of Newport and have struggled to sit down for any length of time to actually blog/sort photos etc!!! But now Back is better I’m back running and able to sit for more than five minutes at a time!!!

So February seems SUCH a long time ago now as March is nearly gone too….. oops!!! Anyway accountability update……

1. Read more and write more

I plan to read two books a month, which I have partly achieved for February…. I read Snuff by Terry Pratchett and started a reread of the Seven Ages of Paris and managed to get about half way!  Its some serious non-fiction reading and may take up more than another months reading time considering March is all in school time so reading time is limited to night time and some weekend time!

2. Travel more….

February saw me revisiting Cosmeston lakes and the Newport Wetlands for a run and also visiting Goytre Wharf on the Brecon and Monmouthshire canal for the first time…. As well as a trip to Unravel in Farnham!

3.  Take more photographs

One of my faves this month!

4. Knit for ME!!

I managed a load of stash busting in half term….. knit for a friend….. crocheted a belt and a baby blanket and did also finally managed something for me!!!  I also cast on some socks for me which a going to be a long term do a bit whenever project…. but I did teach myself two at a time toe up, using the Judy Becker Magic cast on all by myself!!!!!

5. Complete at least 6 things on my Bucket list

Well learnt a new knitting skill in that I can now do 2 at a time toe up socks!!!!

6. Be in Vibrant health!!!

grrrr……. Back injury at the end of the month has kiboshed this somewhat…. no exercise at all other than walking/shuffling/hobbling in pain!!!!!  Though some yoga has been done and helped in the most part!!! But!!!! I’m 11 lbs down on 1st of Jan and am now eating well over 5 a day most days… March will see more running, and more aerobics type activities…..

7. Continue to grow more, process more and give more…..

I now need to bottle some blackberry wine now and I built a veg trug….. plans afoot now for other gardeny type projects though!!!!

8. Build an emergency fund (this is getting there) and clear the last of the debts

DONE!!! other than the car debt!

9. Do one thing for a charity each month

Although I did not blog it seperately I have worked out that the Cutie Pie pattern for Preemie Babies I have for sale on Rav has now made £8 which has been donated to SANDS.

I do need to up size the pattern for a newborn size and hopefully this will improve sales and thus improve the donations made to SANDS!

10. Gain a work/life balance ….

I have enjoyed February as well, No Markets month and exercising has made sure that I am leaving work on time more regularly…. but the extraneousnon work “busy” activity still needs to be reduced, but again the back injury has not helped here!!!

So all in all pleased with Feb other than the back!!!!!

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