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Weekend Travels – Gray Hill

January 16, 2012

On Saturday I set out to try and find the Llanmelin Hill fort (Iron Age) and failed so I ended up parking at the Foresters Oaks Car park by Wentwood Forest and the reservoir and heading out for a walk from there.  I toiled my way uphill taking a few photos as I went…

Then reached the top and WOW!!! views over the Severn Estuary, Wentwood etc were amazing!!!  I also noticed some stone formations while I was atop the hill thought mmm maybe old walls or the like or indeed maybe I had found the hill fort…..

So when I came home I went online to snoop at the ordenance survey….

Which first told me I went UP AND DOWN the STEEPEST side of the hill…. No kidding… The sore legs/knees told me that!! (but I did not want to risk being lost and miles from the car nearing dusk….)

Then it told me it was Gray Hill

It also told me that I was standing amongst a stone circle, a standing stone, a cairn with inner chamber, and stone walling features!!! Hurrah!! Anyhooo…. Fab walk and here are the photos!


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