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Fresh Beginnings 2012!

January 1, 2012

New year has once again made me introspective and I’ve been reflecting on the last year and thinking about what I loved and what was maybe not so great and thinking mmmmm what to do differently this year……. Do I make resolutions?? (which always seem to be broken in my mind by the end of February…) Do I set myself challenges??? Where do I want to be this time next year???

This year I have looked through some other peoples’ ways of reflecting on the year etc and used a few ideas…

I have cleared out, rehomed, repurposed and cleaned all sorts of things these past few days to end the year on a positive note and then spent plenty of time in the past few days in quiet reflection… I’m not writing it all here just a few highlights or else I may bore you to tears and some is too personal to be publicised!!!


Some things I’ve loved about 2011…

My Sister, Niece and Grandmother visiting and staying for a few days.

Visiting the botanical gardens, the farm, the monkey sanctuary (where thankfully it was only mud that was thrown though myself and my sister did fear we had been hit with something else!!)

Visits with my mother and friends  to Ally Pally, Wonderwool, the RHS show, Cardiff museum….

My new car (both for its money savings and for its reliability!!!)

The amazing amounts of produce from my garden and local hedgerows…

(and the fact I used most of it to handmake a heck of a lot of gifts this year and saved a fortune!! – which goes to eliminating some more of the accumulation of debt!)

A lot of knitting….

(Ravelry projects page shows at least 65 new pieces done this year alone and some finished off wips and that does not include a few bits and bobs that did not warrant a project page!!)

A lot of good reads…. The Last Concubine, Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials, The Black Magician Trilogy (The Farseer Trilogy  – most recently finished and as yet unblogged)


Some things I’ve learned….

To confide more of myself in others rather than being a typical Cancerian and hiding it all away in my little shell…

To ask for help (whilst I still have a long way to go here I am starting!!!)

To reconnect with the world around me…. by taking long walks, scrumping through the hedgerows and by spending time in my garden….


Some things I am thankful for…

My fantastic friends and family without whose support I don’t know how I’d possibly get by in this world!! In particular for J, M, S, C and H for their wise words, unerring support and general kicks up the backside!!

The last couple of years I have set myself some challenges and some I managed to complete,

1. Getting rid of last years UFO’s (although we now have this years to deal with!!)

2. Reading more

some fell by the wayside,

1. Running

2. Weight loss and eating a balanced diet (though there is more control over this now!!!)

3. Playing my clarinet and tenor sax (the saxophone never made it out of the box….)

some have become second nature…

1. grow some of my own food

2. compost

3. use reusable carriers ( We have to now in Wales as we have to pay for EVERY single carrier bag now so after a trip to the supermarket cost me extra in bags I always have a load in the car/my handbag!!)

4. line dry my clothes (weather permitting and I have a BIG rack in the spare room now…)

5. reduce/be more aware of my energy consumption

6. handmake as many gifts as possible

So…… Where to go now….

I used Courtney Carver’s Love list Idea to start off my thinking about 2012….

In 2012 10 things I would love to do are….

1. Read more and write more (you may find me blogging about more than just the garden and my creative streaks this year…)

2. Travel more (both UK and further afield, visiting friends and family comes into this as well – you have all been warned!!!)

3.  Take more photographs

4. Knit for ME!! (too long have been pressured externally/internally by knitting for others…. my main priority is going to be knitting up the planned projects for ME!! also most of my UFO’s are for me!!)

5. Complete at least 6 things on my Bucket list which I wrote about 3 years ago just for fun and I still  have not done one thing!! (I’m thinking Paris, The Louvre, Eiffel Tower would tick off three in one mini break…. – who wants to come???)

6. Be in Vibrant health!!! (yes I mean VIBRANT…. No more overwrought over worked, tired, extra cold catching abilities for me… and YES this means a lot of teeny little goals, like more sleep, more relaxing me time, 5 a day, exercise – ooo and for that I rather liked this idea…)

7. Continue to grow more, process more and give more….. This is for the garden/wine/preserves making side of things that I really enjoyed in 2011

8. Build an emergency fund (this is getting there) and clear the last of the debts (car payments and a final piece of the credit card puzzle – again I am soooo close) (another inspirational blogger who has helped here)

9. Do one thing for a charity each month (any ideas appreciated – so far I have adoption of an elephant, Race for Life, knit a square, giving blood regularly etc)

10. Gain a work/life balance – as at the moment work is big time winning….. One thing I am doing to halt the work creeping into life time is dropping a market a month meaning I’ll be doing 2 not 3 weekends out of 4/5 a month Hurrah!!!! and I’ll be working smarter (less time messing about with silly things more time focussing!!)


I am using the template from Chris for his annual review, but of course completing my own categories/goals etc and then I’ll review them next year and throughout the year too!!!  I Hope all this is a more successful and is already a more meaningful approach to new years resolutions!!!


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  1. Helen permalink
    January 1, 2012 7:20 pm

    Oooh, look at that, you have a blog! I never knew 🙂 Now bookmarked. Been wondering how you’ve been, what you’ve been up to, what a much better way to keep up to date. I love you.

    On the do something for charity front, have a look at – you send a letter or an email or a little gift to make a sick child smile.

    (love Hels, btw)

    • elliefantsdelights permalink*
      January 1, 2012 8:03 pm

      ummmm Hels Had blog for quite some time now….. lol and been admitting to it on fb for a while too!! lol Cheers for the linky thing tho!!! and ta for the bookmark its definately a good way of keeping up with my craziness!!! Love to you and the tribe!! xx


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