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Rounding off 2011…..

December 30, 2011

Blimey another year has gone soooo fast and this one really has been a bit of a rollercoaster!! But reading through the blogs on my readergot me to thinking about rounding the year off and planning for next year.  I wanted to share a couple of the lovelies I have found over the past few days and some of these will be helping me to reflect on 2011 and plan for 2012

First blog I found was…

Positive provocations which is a posting about ways to end the year on a positive note…

I must say at this juncture my year end tidying, clearing out and clean up are well under way with particularly my craft room looking stunning and organised (for five minutes until I start some other crazy whimsical project!!)

Next came…..

The liberated life project talks you through how to do a reflection intentions year end review/year plan and I must say I love some of the ideas here!!  And can really relate to Maia’s thoughts on reflections and intentions!

The site aboove led me to this site….

The Art of Non-conformity and his template and a few more words of wisdom/ways of looking at things

and another one I liked….

Be more with less on how to make a Love List… Basically things you’d love to do in 2012 not goals or something to be started and then put down due to lack of time/inclination etc which is what usually happens to my New Year’s Resolutions!!!

Now to hunt down those resolutions I made at the start of 2011 and see indeed what they all were…. and whether I managed them or whether it is indeed a time for a new system!!


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