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Ally Pally 2011

October 29, 2011

Hurrah I’ve been I’ve been!!!!  (and yes I’m VERY late poating about it mainly because its now half term and I have been feeling absolutely ghastly!!! – started with chest infection, then had stomach bug, now on steroids to try and get rid of the feeling that I have swallowed a rattle and have a sumo wrestler sat on my chest!!!)

Anyway Ally Pally!!! Phew utterly manic, between Abergavenny on Saturday all day then driving to the parentals in the evening then negotiating trains, underground and buses on the Sunday there and back wow!!!!

The whole thing was utterly enormous and there were soooo many stalls with amazing yarns to fondle and squish!!!  I was amazing restrained (I think the thought of lugging stuff home on the train kinda limited me a tad, though the train/tube rides didn’t deter me from buying these bad boys!!!

Yes I did have those stuck out of a basket on the bus, tube and train rides back to Fleet!!! It did deter one or two nutters from sitting next me as they seem to like to do!!

I also bought some gorgeous colinette aran which will make a lush cardie for me when I get some me knitting time sometime after Christmas!!

and subscribed to a new mag thats just out and looks intriguing!! and got this as a freebie!!!

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