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A foray WELL beyond my comfort zone!

October 10, 2011

A couple of months ago I was approached at Abergavenny market by a lady asking whether I would consider doing a talk for her group, I said I might, she took a card and I sat back down thinking mmmm probably won’t hear anything off that, but I was glad to be asked!!  Then a few weeks ago, on a Monday evening, I received a phone call/email and was asked whether I was free that weekend to talk to this group of costumiers and textiles preservers about my insane craftiness….. Yes I said but then immediately thought OH MY GOODNESSS WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!  I talk to children NOT to adults…. There is a BIG difference!!

In my mind I have all sorts of weird paranoias etc that seem to constrict one or two things that I do etc….

So I spent a week agonising over the talk, writing the talk, collecting props to hide behind, making a power point to hide behind and and and……

Then the title hit me ” Yarn, from hobby to insanity and beyond”end noted that this sounded like the next title for a Toy Story film!! and I started to relax a little.  People made all sorts of suggestions about how I should calm my nerves… The most frequently mentioned was “picture them all naked” mmmm….. I seriously cannot see how that could work for anyone doing any talk anywhere!!!!

Anyway on the Saturday morning itself I arrived super early at St Fagans, where my talk was located… Thankfully though the main building had not even opened yet the toilets had!! And I had a chance to wander about and find the entrance I needed to cart all my props and gubbins into! I was met by the head of the group and the lady who had asked me to do the talk and within minutes I was feeling really upbeat and relaxed about the whole thing.  Which is TOTALLY unlike me!  I set up…

Took some photos…

and drank some tea and the ladies started to arrive and coo over/squish some of my props before sitting down…

After announcements etc I was then introduced as the morning speaker…. Heart pounding I got up and started my talk…

Amazingly it went really well.  The ladies all laughed at the right points and asked plenty of questions (phew) and spent loads of time afterwards talking and asking more questions!!! Wonderful!!!  I don’t know how often I’ll do this sort of thing, but I’m glad I said yes!!

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  1. Caroline V permalink
    October 11, 2011 7:51 pm

    As the lady who asked if you would speak I am really pleased that you were happy with the talk. Yes, everyone did laugh in the right places. I haven’t started on the cwtch scarf but am more than halfway through the socks I am knitting for my student daughter. Thank you for agreeing to speak to the group:-)

    • elliefantsdelights permalink*
      October 12, 2011 6:21 pm

      Thank you!!! and congrats on the socks I want piccies when they’re done!! x

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