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Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

May 1, 2011

No I have not seen the film, but I hear its only about the central third of the book anyway!!!  When I said I hadn’t read this book one evening at knitting group my friend Jennie almost immediately dug it out and leant it to me….

I then had to finish some other reads on my nightstand to get to it!! Then work got manic and I got very tired at the end of every day…. too tired to read!!!!! Shocking for me I know, as I normally read for about half an hour at least every day before bed!!

Anyway I finally got to the Easter Holidays and have finished the book!!!


The book follows the life of Pelagia and those she loves in the pre World War 2 period on the island of Cephallonia, during the war and occupation and after. De Bernieres creates a fantasically detailed world, from the drunken priest to the mountain dwelling goat herd andthe narrative of the book is such that you can scarcely avoid tears at the hardships fo the war or the executions, your heart skipping as the romance unfolds between Corelli and Pelagia…..

The description and narration is such that you can clearly imagine hearing the singing of the Italian soldier choir….. sense the smells of the flowers and the food….. feel the agony of Pelagia facing Corelli’s fate….. and in my case shout out loud when the twists of fate and the unbelievable mistake of Corelli is revealed!!!

In all a fabulous read!!! Definately recommended!!

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  1. Crafty Farmer permalink
    May 1, 2011 2:44 pm

    This is one of my favorite books of all time!!!

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