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Garden Update!

April 26, 2011

Well I have been a busy bunny in the garden when I have had five minutes over the last few weeks!!!  First up I have planted out the red currant bush I bought at the RHS show

Yum cant wait for the red currants to start!!

The beetroots are starting to come up….

I have planted several types of tomato, carrots, parsnips, ginger, shallots, pickling onions, normal onions, leeks, a couple of types of cucumber, courgettes, pumpkins, nasturtium, phacelia, chinese lanterns, marigolds, lettuces and rocket….. Unfortunately I found two large snails in my green tent too late!!!! the damned creatures ate my marigolds, some nasturtium, some cucumber seedlings, some tomato seedlings etc etc…. there is now a ring of slug pellets surrounding the tent!!!

the chillies are coming on well in the kitchen!!!

The strawberries are starting to flower!!! after last years mega multiplication (cor I need to plant some of this lot into the beds or I’ll have no roomor pots for the other stuff I’m growing!!

I’ve repotted the agapanthus that the cats kept chewing indoors and popped it out onto the patio… and the fig tree is alive (mum thought i’d killed it when I forgot to bring it in!!!) but I am pleased to report that since this photo the fig now has three leaves and two small figs on it!!

The raspberry and tayberry are enjoying their new trellising and are filling out more each day and are starting to look like flowering!!

The eating apple has flowered, but the cooking one has not mmmmmmm……. I’m doubtful there will be any fruit this year….

The blue berry is doing really well and the gooseberry likes its new location and has some baby fruits starting!!!

Mum brought me a wealth of plants for my garden and the school garden, including this variagated grass, comfrey and solomons seal…. she has also brought me some of the seeds from her irises….

The potato bags are now over half way full and being earthed up daily!!

The brussel sprout has flowered…… strange….. no sprouts yet…..

The wisteria has also flowered for the second year running and is taking nicely to its trellis, as is the new clematis!!!

However Phoebe the Hebe is looking rather ill, she got caught by the last frost and los a lot of new growth but she seems to be coming back from more towards the base….. the other clematis over the shed is not doing as well…. I think it may well be dead…. It started to grow some leaves and again like the Hebe got clobbered by the last frost and since then it just looks drier each day…..

Now I need to get out the hanging baskets sort the earth in them pot out the nastutium, pot on the tomatoes (strangely I seem to have one in with the carrots in the cold frame….) keep earthing up the spuds, make sure I open the green tent each day before 10am as its rather warm here at the mo…. and keep watch over the hebe, clematis and the three things in the beds that seem to be courgettes that have come up by themselves (although I did plant courgettes/pumpkins there last year!!!)

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