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Swap package!!!

March 15, 2011

On the HPKCHC on Ravelry I signed up for a swap, a Weasley swap to be precise and look what I had in the mail from my AMAZING swap partner!!! ( here’s her blog!!!)

Look at all the fantastic stuff!!!

Where do I start with my favourites!!!

Ummmmmm I love it all she has sooooo perfectly got me!!! purple and elephants!!! I can’t wait to try the recipes and already I’m eyeing a corner of my craft room for the watercolour and i’m using the tin and plan to use the yarn to make the mittens in the pattern for ME!!!! and the little elephant statue is on my craft room window ledge (otherwise the evil cats steal small ornaments!! and they aren’t allowed to play in the craft room as they eat yarn!!)

the buttons are sooooo cute and the tea cosy and washcloth are FABULOUS!!!!! I am over the moon!!! its really cheered me up today when I am sooo full up with cold!!! (thanks to my class full of snot ridden kiddiewinks!!)

Thank you sooooo much Teresa!!!!



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