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I Shall Wear Midnight

January 25, 2011

The latest in my Terry Pratchett reads!!!

Ahhhhh I love his books and particularly those involving the witches!!!

This one involves Tiffany Aching (of Hat Full of Sky, Wee Free Men, Wintersmith) and is a much darker tale than some  Terry Pratchett books, as Tiffany finally learns to manage the responsibilities of her “steading” and all the flaws that the steading contains, particularly the human ones, but entertainingly some of the Nac Mac Feegles ones as well!

The charm of this tale comes from her struggles to deal with the troubles as humanly as she can.

I love Terry Pratchett’s ability to put true character into his creations.  Also his ability to get all of human nature, including the dark and the delightful, onto the page.  I love his witty critique of  human nature and his observational description.

A very satisfying end (I hear) to a wonderful series of stories!

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  1. February 1, 2011 12:01 am

    I got this book for Christmas and loved it. I like how Tiffany’s really starting to grow up and the books with her. The Wee Free Men and Hat Full of Sky are still kinda on the border to being “young readers” books (which doesn’t bother me at all because I read anything Terry Pratchett and find that I generally like a lot of fantasy/weird stories written for younger audiences. Child at heart, I guess…). But I Shall Wear Midnight is really a lot darker and more serious than those, but still the same old Tiffany. Really loved this one.

    • elliefantsdelights permalink*
      February 1, 2011 7:25 pm

      ditto!! I’ll read anything Pratchett has on offer!! child book or otherwise!!! all fab!!

      • February 3, 2011 10:16 am

        Which is why I was very excited to hear about The Unadulterated Cat. I thought I’d read them all! (Speaking of “children’s” books – I think the Johnny books are fantastic!)

      • elliefantsdelights permalink*
        February 3, 2011 5:57 pm

        not got them yet but i have my to get list handy in my bag for when I see bargain books!!!

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