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November 14, 2010

I have finished part of my Swap package!! and another HP Class Hurrah!!!  Meet Pigwidgeon!!! Yes Ron Weasleys little owl from Harry Potter!!

He is a mini crotchet affair and so cute I’m gonna find it hard to give him away!! My youngest cat has already demonstrated his interest ( he loves all things small and teddy like – only trouble is eventually they die gruesome deaths!!)

How to Crotchet Pigwidgeon!

Abbreviations (UK) –

SC = single crotchet

T = Treble crotchet

DC = Doble Crotchet

st = stitch

You will need:  a smallish amount of fluffyish DK yarn from your stash, a 3.5mm crotchet hook, 2 small felt circles, 2 buttons, and some yellow felt for his beak and feet


Foundation: Chain 4 join with SC  into first stitch

Row 1: Chain 2, Make 10 trebles into the circle created by the Foundation join with SC into top of first treble

Row 2: Chain 2, Make 2 trebles into each treble in the circle and join with a SC into the top of the first treble

Row 3: Chain 1, *DC twice into first st, once into next repeat from * till end SC into the top of the first DC

Row 4-12: Chain 1, DC into each st round

Row 13: Chain 1, *DC in first st, DC 2 together, rep from * till end

Rows 14- 20: Dc in each st round.

Bind off, stuff and sew straight across the top of the head.

Ears, eyes, beak and feet….

Attach small amount of yarn to each corner of head and make a 3 ch before binding off

Cut small felt circles and sew with buttons onto face for eyes

Cut small triangle and sew on for beak

Cut two foot shaped pieces and sew to base for feet!

Et voila Mini Pidge!!!

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