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Dr Who Live

November 7, 2010

Ah!!!!!  On the 29th October for a very early birthday pressie I took my OH to see Dr Who Live at the CIA in Cardiff!!

It was great!!!

More so for Kids I think judging by the little boy behind me who had an array of comments for Vorgenson ( the man who tricked Dr Who etc etc – not to give away anything!!)

The monsters came from all over the place and went up and down the aisles (they could have done more of this to be honest!!!)  OH was most disappointed not to be declared “Hoooman” by the Judoon!! And I must say I still am not enamoured by the freaky clockwork revolutionary french types…..  Must have something to do with this clown fear I have!!

But the best ones were the scarecrows we were all watching this one coming from the front along the aisle…. it was stopping and getting into people’s faces and staring for a few seconds before moving on…. we were all thinking oh Lord is it me next when this other scarecrow appeared from behind and was almost in the lap of the woman in front!! She and us jumped out of our skins!!!  Hilarious!

All in all a great evening!!!


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