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Christmas Play Costumes

November 4, 2010

The Christmas Play!!! ARGH!!! A stressful time in the school calendar!!

This year we are doing a play about a school getting ready for a C hristmas Play and we have 2 staff members playing the parts of school inspectors ( very apt as we had one this year!!)

Well the music co-ordinator said we need to sort costumes….. the children need to be able to dress on stage…. i.e. throw it over their other costume….. ummmm….. also most of our costumes were damaged when the school store area (the cellar) flooded and they were not retrievable……


Me as ever said oooo I can help out there I have a bit of a fabric stash and I could raid the school fabric stash…. and I could run up a few tabard type affairs for the kids to wear we would then only need to find belts or tinsel!

Great said the music coordinator…. I need 6 wise men???? 8 shepherds and 8 angels at least!!

Oh cr*p says me……

several hours of my half term gone and I had…. 6 wise men….. 5 shepherds and 3.5 angels……

Ta da!!!!

very proud of my quick sewn tabards and Music coordinator liked em too when  I took em in Monday!!

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