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Non Fiction Five Challenge Update

September 27, 2010

Back in June I wrote about a Non fiction Challenge which I was interested in hvaing a go at and wondered heartily whether my fiction reading (particularly that of Mr Terry Pratchett) would get in the way of me managing to complete my goal of 5 non-fiction books in 5 months…. well now nearing the deadline of the 30th of September I can whole heartedly say it has!!! Ooops!!!

However, I have managed to read two entire non-fiction books (one of which differs from my original list and two half books (does that count as one whole????)

I have completed Gervaise Phinn’s book, bought at my evening with Gervaise Phinn earlier in the year, and absolutely loved it!!!!

It amazes me what children and adults in the educational settings manage to come out with and the book is certainly a fabulous zip through the educational system of the Dales as well as a lovely peek into his own life!

Next I have read a book which totally differed from my list… the First Steps in Winemaking by CJJ Berry which has inspired me and helped me to make a batch of blackberry wine which is currently fermenting nicely away in my kitchen!!  Fantastic book for the utter beginners in winemaking such as myself!!

Then we get onto the half books…..

Luke Jackson’s Freak Geeks and Asperger Syndrome, is a fantastic insight into the mind of not only himself as a teenager with Asperger’s, but also his perceptions of his brother who has ASD.  This book is currently feeding me with ideas and inspirations for methods of dealing with and supporting my class, all of which have a variant degree of ASD and associated difficulties and disorders and in particular it has helped me view the compulsive behaviours and the OCD type issues in a different way.  I believe this book has a few gems inside that would support and enhance any classroom practitioner or parent in managing and supporting young people on the ASD spectrum!!  I hope also that I will finish this book by the end of this week!! ( if my own OCD Terry Pratchett reading does not impede!!!)

Onto the second half book!  I am now half way through the Seven Ages of Paris by Alistair Horne and this book is making yearn to travel to Paris and immerse myself  in History and culture!!  I love both of these at the best of times and this book is certainly whetting my appetite for Parisian history!!

Finally, despite not making the full 5 books in the 5 months I intend keeping up with the non fiction reading and will review books, from my extensive and I hasten to add mostly unread non fiction collection, as I complete them!!!

Please bear with me though there may bee a heck of a lot of teaching related blurb heading this way!!!

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