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My first ever OWL proposal!

September 25, 2010

I have Finally gotten round to writing my OWL Proposal for the Harry Potter Knitting and Crotchet House cup on Ravelry

“Elliefants from Gryffindor with her OWL proposal,

I’m proposing to do the Muggle Studies option one and propose to knit four toddler items for my niece Zara to help her blend into the muggle world!

Patterns: Cecilia coat, (please note the Cecilia Pattern is knee length coat and matching scarf pattern)
Fish Heads Hat
hippo – sarah keen

Using: hopefully all will be constructed using the super alpaca in the pictured damson/pinky colour and swatched in the centre of the picture! if not my back up is the muticoloured patons fairytale also pictured! Other materials are the 5mm needles though I may change to circulars if the coat gets too heavy! and the other selection of needles pictured!

Potential problems include the sizing down of the fish head hat for a 2-3 year old as the pattern is set for roughly 8 year olds me thinks!!! and also running out of the alpaca yarn eek!! but I do like the back up yarn and may use it for Hippo! (it is also the same weight and knits up the same as the alpaca)

Thank you for your consideration!
Elliefants from Gryffindor “

Ooooo I hope it gets accepted!!!  Its using some more of the Wonderwool purchases from this year too!!!

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