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Stewed apple and Plumple Ginger Jam

August 19, 2010

My mother gave me a glut of apples from the trees near her last weekend, 14 lbs in all I think!!  What to do with such abundance before the bruises took hold and destroyed them!!!

I spent over an hour and a half peeling and coring the apples into a large pan of cold water, this helped them not to turn brown, before emptying out most of the water and stewing the apples!

Yum…. I held fast on the addition of sugar as I then split the stewed apple into two pans, one for potential pie fillings and one for plumple ginger jam!!!

After splitting the mixture I added some granualted sugar to the stewed apple and then bagged and tagged it for the freezer!

For the jam I added some chopped and stoned plums I found in the fridge and some chopped up stem ginger and then an equal weight of jam sugar

and boiled it in the usual manner, removed the ginger chunks  (NB its useful to know how many you put in to start to find them all again!!) and jarred the in the usual manner…

Yummy plumple ginger jam!! fruity with a warm tang of ginger!

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