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More from the Garden

August 10, 2010

Over the weekend I spent some much neede time sorting some things out in the garden.  I pulled up the beetroots and pickled them (just with vinegar and Gilly’s balsamic dressing again) I pulled up 6 small golf ball sized onions, and I picked a small tubs worth of beans and I had another 4 raspberries!!!YUM!!!

Then came the real work!!  I needed to sink all my leeks and fast as they were well over due….

And then clearing out some dead herb pots and planting some new Basil and Coriander…

I am really pleased with my garden at the moment as I have an abundance of tomatoes coming and one is now nearly ripe!!

The strawberry plants are going berserk still with their runners!

I have three aubergines and loads more flowers on the plants….

I have another courgette or two making their way into the world and because the chocolate peppermint and lemon mint have gone mad I am currently drying tubs of it in the airing cupboard to squich up and make herbal tea!!!!

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