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My super duper tops and dress!!

August 5, 2010

I visited Butterfly Fabrics on City Road in Cardiff the other week and scored myself some super bargins from the bargain box and also bought my much coveted dress fabric.  I set out to make myself some maxi tops and a maxi dress from this haul!

I first cut the fabric to be one and a half time my measurement round my bust (eeek!!!) on one of the tops this was made by sewing a few coloured strips together….

I then sewed the fabric into a tube and hemmed top and bottom

Then came the fun part Shirring elastic in the bottom bobbin, thread as per normal in the top turn the fabric so the shirring is going on the wrong side of the fabric and sew many many lines of elasticy goodness.

Then I made two tubes of fabric for the straps….

squished em flat (couldn’t be bothered to troop upstairs for the iron!!)

and hand sewed them onto the top by the shirring’d end!

and voila!!

top number one and its shoulder detailling

Top number two

and la piece de resistance the dress!!!

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