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Easy Trousers!

August 3, 2010

This last week I have been sewing like a woman possessed and I have made tops, a dress and trousers out of fabric either in my stash or bought special from the fabric store (more about that in a later post!!)

I decided with some Ikea stash super cheap fabric to make some trousers…

What I did:

1. find good fitting pair of trousers….. My PJ pants did it

2. fold said trousers/pants in half to get the curvy outline.

3. Fold your fabric in half, wrong-side out.  Lay your pants on the fabric so that the outer seam is lined up with the fold. It is okay if the pants are curved and don’t line up perfectly with the fold.

4. Use your chalk to trace around the edge of your trousers. Leave 2″ below the ankle to allow for hemming. Stay 1/2″ away from the edges the rest of the way around.  Repeat this step to make the other side of your trousers. Cut each piece around the chalk line. Do not cut the fold of the fabric.

5.  I sewed the two sides of the crotch together first…..

front then back…..

6. Now front and back of trousers need to be pinned with the right sides of the fabric together, so they start to look like trousers. Start at one ankle and straight stich to the crotch and straight stitch all the way to the other ankle.  Now make sure the edges are zig zag stitched as you dont want them to catch in the washing machine.

7.  Next I machined the outer sides of the legs straight stitch first then zigzag over the raw edges.

8. I then measured my waist and cut a waist band from the fabric about 2 inches more than my waist size.  I then machined the short ends as per a hem.

9.  I folded the waist band right sides out and pinned this to the now trousers, taking care to match up the hemmed edges with the front of the waist, so they were just touching, before machining it in and zig zagging the edges!!!

10. I then threaded a cord through the channel created by the waist band and hemmed the bottoms to the right length and voila trousers!!

I love the pattern of the fabric but not so much the contrast of the white and black so I think I may get some deep purple dylon and give em a quick change of colourings pre wearing them!

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