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New Curtains

August 1, 2010

I have been on a decluttering and cleaning mission here for a couple of weeks again and I still have way further to go!!!  Car boot sale is on the horizon as is a trip to the charity shop!  However in the midst of all of this I decided that it would be a good time to take down curtains as I go around and give em a good wash!  mmmmm Fine in both the bedrooms, but then I reached the lounge where I had voile panels  I climbed up to unhook them from the bars and lo and behold huge scags in them courtesy of the cat claws!!!  I was furious, but what are you gonna do when you have 3 cats!!  So remembering the fabric mum gave me left over from her blind and finding in my fabric stash some cream fabric I had left over from my sisters curtains I went to work on making some simple curtains for the lounge windows.

Now I have wooden blinds in the lounge but acoustically and visually I feel better with some fabric by the windows, but I did not want too much so the lounge felt more cluttered etc so I simply made two large rectangles out of the combination of the two fabrics and hemmed all round them making a large channel at the top for the narrow curtain pole I have.  Right until I hung the first curtain I hoped this would work as I really could not face making tabs for the top of the curtain!!

Any way here we are my new lounge curtains!!

I then even went onto to make two simple cushions to match the bottom fabric and stash busted a tonne of my toy stuffing and old pillow contents to boot!!

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