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Jumble Berry Jam!

July 28, 2010

After the PYO fun last Friday I had several lbs of fruit that needed to be jammed!! Tescos also had a fab offer on Strawberries on the weekend so I could not resist 3 kilos of strawbs to jam as well!!

So I made about 7 jars of strawberry jam using my previous successful recipe!!

Then I moved onto make another 7 jars of jumble berry jam!

This jam contained about 4lb of fruit (blackcurrants, red currants, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries) 4lb of jam sugar, some lemon juice and bubbled away using my NEW jam pan and thermometer that Mum got me for my birthday earlier in the month….

SOOOOoooo much easier using a thermometer making jam!!! I got it to the set temperature of 223 degrees farenheit and then tested the set on a saucer et voila!!! no messing about is it done is it not…… Yay!!  This concoction made another 7 jars of what I am calling jumble berry jam!! It is DELICIOUS!!!!!!

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