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Garden Produce!

July 21, 2010

Last weekend I started combing through the garden for signs of produce and decided to dig up the test container of ASDA variety spuds!  Mmmm…. It started promisingly until I found a gooey yellow mess at the bottom of the slightly waterlogged container but I still harvested these spuds…

This paniced me and coupled with the fact that the school spuds were dug up on Friday and yielded well I decided to go the whole hog and dig up the bags of spuds too…. Somewhat prematurely and there were tonnes of weeny spuds that should have been left for longer but nevermind I’ll know for next time!!!

Here’s what I got

Here they are all cleaned up and boy they tasted good that evening!!!

Then I found the garlic leaves had gone completly over so I dug them up…

And test pulled some beetroots….

I’ve decided to leave the rest a while longer… But I have boiled these up, sliced and pickled them with some of Gilly’s Fabulous balsamic Dressing!

The Globe artichokes needed repotting as did the amazing ever sprouting strawberries!!

The Aubergines are now flowering a beautiful aubergine purple flower, but this is how they were on the weekend just starting!

The tomatoes are coming on well…

Despite the horrid high winds we have had which snapped some branches on the tomatoes and battered them and even snapped a cane or two!!

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