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July 10, 2010

Last weekend I zoomed in the car up to Reading for a friend’s hen weekend….. Despite my shatteredness from another tough week in school I managed to make it up there in time for the park convoy…

We Hens had a fabulous picnic in the park complete with Pimms and then with full bellies went on to our next surprise (well for the bride anyway!!) destination…. Hula Hooping!!!  How fab we learnt all sorts of moves and trick with the sublime to ridiculous hoop sizes and even tried tandem hooping, which ended in a LOT of laughter!

How impressive are some of these shots!!! multi-hooping, arm hooping and the very impressive intructor!!

However, after all the hilarity and an hour and a half of hooping I felt myself becoming hooked and the following day I knew I’d exercised my muscles though I can’t quite decide whether it was from hooping or laughing.

You know I think I might buy myself one of the things to hoop around in the garden and tone up!!

And thanks to my google reader subscriptions I now know that there is a World Hoop Day Woo hoo more classroom ideas for next year!!

Some other Hooping sites are:

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