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Such amazing abundance

June 30, 2010

This year I am becoming more proud by the day of my little patch of green in this world…..  My garden is producing some amazing things just for a few hours work every so often and a little tlc everyday!!

The courgettes (I hope) are appearing

The pumpkins are going berserk!!

I have Carrot Fest 2010 going on!! with a healthy crop of both types of carrot I planted

I think these may actually be two of the Aubergines I planted????

My patio has vanished almost under a sea of green.  Ok admittedly its mainly the spuds stems which are HUGE!!! and I hope that means masses of yummy potatoes underneath the soil and now not long to wait!

I have masses of tomato plants which finally grew bigger and have tonnes of flowers that I am considering hand pollinating to ensure a good crop….

There are strawberries ripening

a tayberry…. Yes ok singular one but hey its my first and I did not expect anything of the small wooden sticks I bought a few months back…

Raspberries Hurrah plural for this one!!!

Eating apples on my brand new baby tree!

One of two cooking apples on my other brand new baby tree!

More Cosmos than you could shake a stick at!

The first sweetpea…

Phoebe the Hebe is flowering nicely given her drastic haircut at the end of last year!

The red rose is blooming and has loads more buds!

The sunflowers are nearly 5 foot now and have started to show signs of wanting to produce their happy flowers!

And last but certainly not least the teeny brussel sprout is doing beautifully.  Thank you Jennie for such a lovely gift and I hope that they do actually taste nicer than the dreaded Xmas one sprout my mother usually tries to force myself and my sister to eat Ugh!!!  Otherwise I’ll have a happy Mum who will have some lovely organic sprouts posted to her!!

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