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The Tomatoes move into their big pots finally!

June 25, 2010

I have finally gotten my backside into gear and moved the tomatoes into their huge pots to finish their growing/fruiting!!  I am really pleased as they now seem to have sprung to life having been pathetically small and weedy looking compared to those of my mother and they have tonnes of flowers on them too!  I hope this translates into tonnes of tomatoes!

There are soooo many plants now for the patio I have had to move some to block the back gate just to be able to move on my patio….

and awww look at the giant pumpkin plants!!

and the pretty tomato flowers….

In other gardening happenings….

The Jasmine is starting to bloom!

The creeping jenny has produced its most flowers to date and seems to have crept everywhere..

The Courgettes are flowering….

and the Cosmos are starting to flower…

the potatoes are flowering… I wonder how much longer I’ll have to wait before getting my massive potato crop!!! squee!!! how exciting!!

And finally…. The borage is flowering…

I hope all your gardens and allotments are as delightful as mine is turning out to be even in my teeny amount of space!

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