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Cardiff University Experiment

June 13, 2010

After a busy day in work on Thursday (writing a LOAD of paperwork for our Careers Week which I am setting up/running/co-ordinating)  Making smoothies all afternoon with the kids, etc, etc,  I whizzed into Cardiff for an hour and a halfs Experiment about Knitting and Memory at Cardiff University.

The Experiment was made up of verbal recall of 15 words having listened to them repeatedly, then recognition of the words and classifying heard words as new or old.

The experiment was run by the University and Stitchlinks

Their theories so far can be found here and their main website is here

I was quite pleased to be told the average score was seven after scoring 9,12 and 14 on the three experiments myself!!

So much to the horror of classroom staff and people who know me in general I have a good memory, but it seems only for words and when I’m knitting maybe????

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