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My swallowtail in purple cashmere

May 13, 2010

Last year Machelle introduced me to the Swallowtail Pattern by Evelyn Clarke I made one for my mother for Xmas in some gorgeous laceweight silk from Knitwitches’ Yarns, which I bought at last year’s Fibrefest, here is the link to that one…. I cast this one on on Christmas Eve at my parents house in front of their fireplace mmmmm……  I then let it sit for AGES before finally picking it up again these past couple of weeks to finish off (by that I mean knit most of it!!!)

I have knit it in a lovely soft cashmere that Machelle bought me as a consolation prize for freezing to death in Abergavenny market for the day whilst the rest of my Knitting buddies swanned off up to Ally Pally!

Here it is pre blocking

and now for the beautiful mid block pinned out loveliness….

It always thrills me to see how huge these things get post blocking!!

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