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More gardening updates

May 10, 2010

Today was the day the carrots went to live in pots outside on the patio woohoo!!!!  I now have 4 larger pots of carrot babies sitting in some space on a very full looking patio!!

I have also planted out the sunflowers as they were starting to go a bit berserk in the tent and needed a shelf removing which I have not got space for!!  I hate the way they wilt the moment you move them though….. fingers crossed they perk back up!

Please note the use of the contents of my recycling bin for the mini greenhouses to protect the baby pumpkins and courgettes when the silly weather went all cold again!!

The apple trees seem to be settling in well and there is just tonnes of blossom on them!  I hope this translates into yummy apples!!

I also have noticed that the wisteria seems to be showing signs of flowering for the first EVER!!

The potato bags are very nearly full!!

The mint is flowering….

and the green tent is still overflowing with treats and delights to move out into pots…..

I have also come across a FAB blog post, from one of my google reader subscriptions and felt I should share for those of you that have kids! or are teachers like moi!!  Its called Kindergardens and has some FAB!! ideas/links for gardening with little ones…..

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