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More Garden Frivolity

May 2, 2010

I set off this afternoon to the garden centre since it wasn’t actually raining and not too hot!!  My mission today was not in vain!! I managed to get myself two small apple trees, one Bramley Apple

and another miniature variety to help with the cross pollination

Before I could plant them though in their full sunny spot I had to move the cotoneaster and the Box trees that had gone a bit bananas in the area over to the other side of the garen where I hope they enjoy their new lives!! Now slightly seperated because on digging them out it was evident that the cotoneaster did not like being partially hidden behind the box and had grown all funny!

I have also managed to plant out my pumpkins and courgette plants (well those that aren’t traipsing into school for the children to plant!

Aww I hope they don’t mind moving out of their nice warm green tent!!

The clematis is also now going mad in the corner by the composter and wow the blooms are going to be pretty amazing if early photos are an indication!

And there is still soooo much goodness in the green tent, though I am looking at getting some lower sided pots to put the carrots in so they may live racked and stacked in the green tent or I will be running out of space on the patio and around the garden!!

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