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Gardening update.

April 28, 2010

After mowing the lawn today I decided it was high time I updated the growth in the garden on the blog…. There is so much!!

The green tent is going mad with all sorts from sun flowers to courgettes, tomatoes, pumpkins, globe artichokes, sweet peas, marigolds, cosmos, hollyhocks, aubergines etc etc etc

I think the above are the aubergines and the hanging basket variety of tomatoes though any clarification here deperately sought!!

These are the pumpkins that seem to have gone berserk in the last week!

Courgettes aplenty!


The cat mint is also flowering (Can anyone tell me whether this can be used to stuff in cat toys??? will it have the desired effect???)

I have also repotted the RHS gardening show buys….

The chocolate peppermint is divine smelling and looking!!!

and wow what a smell when i repotted the garlic!

The lemon mint….

and the borage which I may use for some natural dying????

Finally the strawberry plants are blooming marvellous!

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