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Garden Updates

April 13, 2010

On Sunday I finally decided that the poor cordeline had indeed upped and died on me over the winter booo hiss!!!

So I dug it out and my enthusiastic neighbour took to sawing it up into pieces to fit it in the garden waste and cardboard bin.  It was a mammoth operation as the stupid thing was like an iceberg with its big crusty dead roots and in my solid clay soil well……

The corner looked bare….

But on closer examination it looked too stony still for my thoughts of carrot eutopia!! So off to homebase I went – I needed bathroom sealant too after the silly shower decided to leak that morning grr…..

The wonderful people at Homebase have an enormous amount of cheating plants (so I know where to head if my seeds dont come up or the seedlings pop their clogs!!! lol) but they also had a sale on fruit bushes and fruit trees.  MMmmm unable to wait for next weekends RHS gardening show in Cardiff Bay I had to have a Tayberry, gooseberry, Raspberry and Blueberry YUM!!!!!!

I may now also hunt down a small apple (a corden or a Miniature one) to stick in next to these though this may mean digging out the rampant box tree and gifting it to my nextdoor neighbour to busy up her patch of green!

Also the Red rose is looking much healthier and the baby clem has come to life!!!

Also the Rhododendron is starting to flower! Hooray Spring has sprung!!

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