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The joys of Spring.

April 9, 2010

I have been a busy bee in the garden again and have now filled the green tent with Veggie and Flower seeds/seedlings including now some globe artichokes, though I’m not sure how/what to do with those on the cooking front and some Black Russian tomatoes Yum!!

I have now got the herb garden sorted.

And there are now leeks, shallots, parnips and Onions in pots on the patio

I have planted 2 types of beetroot one pretty pink swirly one and one normal one.

I have finally bitten the bullet and dug out the old fushia that limped a teeny bit into life for the end of last summer but has subsequently and most definately died and put in its place a lovely forsythia

Phew and finally……  I have put the strawberries into their very own tailor made planter

Today is the first day that the weather has been good enough to hang washing on the line for ages so out came the line and washed were the bed sheets!  Tumble dryer free now since the first of April, as I have been using a drying rack in the spare room.

Since its spring and I was feeling joyful I went a got some flowers to bring a bit of the outdoors inside…

They are cheering me up while I prepare for the return to school on Monday….

Whilst distracting myself from preparing for school on Monday however I have found a couple of interesting links!

Window Farms are a really interesting way for people living in flats/urban areas with limited acces to garden space to enjoy homegrown veg etc!

and this one on disappearing acts about how many crafts are disappearing arts.


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