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Stress….. and relax

April 7, 2010

Its now taken me over a week, but I think I have finally started to destress from the end of a hectic school term including a school inspection half way through and hideous class lists being given out on the last day of term (this is still rankling with me though)

I have had the traditional stop and drop syndrome in that for the five days in the middle of my Easter Holidays I have been ill, Tonsils, throat, then each ear….. but that is now on the mend.  Hurrah!!!

Upon leafing through my google reader I came across a posting by Simple Mom, a very enjoyable read! about Grace and heaping it on yourself and in their was a stress checklist thingummy.  My score came out as 363, so I guess that counts as pretty stressed still! OOoops!! and thats even after spending the afternoon in the garage/garden planting seeds up to my armpits in earth and compost, which is something I consider to be a stress relieving activity.  Boy I love the feel of breaking up the compost into its soft earthyness between my hands!! and I now have yummy Black Russian tomatoes, globe artichokes, parsnips and pumpkins all planted out!!! Hurrah!!

I have another blog that I read Zen Habits and recently I have started to actually read the articles more than just skimming them and there are one or two ideas that have caught my eye:

The lost art of solitude: This posting had some reminders for me about getting away occasionally and disconnecting.  I generally do this when I’m taking Polly for a walk, but with the awful weather I’ve not been able to do that as she does NOT like the rain!! But the other ideas in the post are things I regularly do a lot more of in the school holidays when I have time e.g. reading or just sitting with a cup of tea.  I also find crafting is amazingly relaxing unless I pick up THAT shawl and I also love gardening, when everything is to hand!!

13 things to simplify your work day

The lost practice of resting for one day a week another interesting read!

Another few articles I have read recently about stress management outline some key ideas to help control stress:

1.  Be realistic (I’m not fab at this and regularly get plenty of pie in the sky ideas of things I would like to do and then they become things I need to do)

2. Shed the Superwoman outfit (mmmm and I was becoming so attached to the lycra lol)

3. Don’t look too far ahead ( something I am getting better at I think, unless your count the veggies which I’ll be harvesting well into Novemeber now!!!)

4.  Be flexible (yoga here I must come then!! lol)

5.  Take time outs ( I am feeling that I need to do this more often in school time and not building up to the holidays I mean over a week to destress jees!!!)

6.  Exercise (well better weather would mean more Polly walking and then there’s gardening and maybe I should dig out the yoga DVD’s because I certainly am not adding to the financial pressures by joining a gym!! But I may try some of those shape up shoes…..)

7.  Lead a healthy lifestyle (well I think that why I’m growing my own veg this year as well as thinking about starting a real food challenge – resources linked)

8.  Get a massage (oooo anyone up for a spa afternoon???)

9. Aromatherapy (mmmmm yummy bath oils – have plenty of those)

and then at the end of the great long lists the bolt of lightening……

Eat Chocolate!!! Ahhhh well I gave that up at the start of Lent so maybe that affected my stress level??? (but I have lost 6lbs in weight whoop whoop!!)

So I figure less work…. more crafting gardening, reading, writing, tea drinking and chilling with friends….. more walking Polly in shape up shoes, healthy food cooked from scratch because I’ll have more time with less work….. mmmm definately something to strive for…..

I also am having another stress relieving activity taking place tomorrow my car affectionately known as the green goblin whose wheel fell off about too minutes off the motorway about 100 miles from my house is finally going to scrap and my “new” car is being delivered by dad tomorrow!!! (I am effectively recycling their old car and mine, well, I don’t feel safe selling it on since its developed about three new noises in the last week!! Squeaks, clicks and clunks ahoy!!!) Woo Hoo one less stress and I’ll be more mobile again!!

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